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SENDING a package from Nakivale to anywhere in the world or RECEIVING a package from the U.S. involves several steps, each with its own cost. And while Promise Hub Express, through its' partnership with MyMalls, is able to lower some of those costs, others are out of our hands. So let’s take a closer look at the basic costs, along with the potential additional costs.

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Basic Costs

Your basic costs are composed of three components, two of which can be estimated with our handy cost calculator.

The DHL shipping fee — Through our partnership with MyMalls, we work exclusively with DHL to send and receive your packages, safe and sound, within just a few days. The DHL fees depend on your packages' “volumetric size”—a fancy calculation that takes into account both size and weight—and the specific destination.

The MyMalls handling fee — There is NO handling fee. MyMalls is honoured to be chosen as our logistic partner and therefor charges NO handling fee to support the Promise Hub mission.

Local duties — Your packages are sent and delivered “DDP” (Delivered Duty Paid), meaning it’s your responsibility to pay the local country duties before packages get shipped. These costs vary by country and product category and are calculated and made visible for you before you pay for a shipment.

Cost calculator

Estimate the shipping and handling costs to your country.


Enter the dimensions of your package. The shipping fee is based on “volumetric size”, taking into account both size and weight.


Additional Costs

Depending on your particular circumstances, you may also incur some of the following additional fees.

3rd-party duties — In some countries, DHL work with local 3rd-party agents for that “final mile” delivery, and these parties may also charge a fee upon delivery. To learn if this affects you, you can contact your local DHL office or our support team.

Insurance — If the declared value of your package is less than 100 US$, then insurance is included for free. Between 101 US$ and 1,000 US$, insurance is optional, and will cost you 2.5% of the declared value. Above 1,000 US$, insurance is required and will cost you 2.5% of the declared value.

Storage — Storage of your packages at the MyMalls warehouse in Miami U.S. is free for 60 days. Past 60 days, we may discard your package at our discretion.

About our Pricing

Here at Promise Hub Express and together with MyMalls, we're continually working to both minimize the shipping costs related to sending and shipping packages, as well as simplifying the historically complex process of paying multiple fees when shipping internationally. Although there's work still to be done, we've made a lot of progress! You'll find answers to almost all your pricing questions in our Help Center.

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