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Shopping like a U.S. local has never been easier!

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Nowadays you can shop at any online store in the U.S. and buy that gift for grandma or those supplies you need for your business. But how do you get your purchases in Nakivale?

This is why we have teamed up with MyMalls - a speedy, hassle-free, premium delivery service - to safely send your shipments from the U.S. to you. And fast too!


1. Get your free U.S. shipping address

Sign up, and we’ll give you a personalised U.S.-based shipping address to use when shopping online.


2. Shop at any U.S. store

Shop online at your favorite U.S. stores and use your personal U.S. address as the shipping destination, instead of your home address.


3. We take care of the rest

We’ll notify you when your package arrives at our warehouse in Miami and then forward it to Uganda.


4. And deliver to you in person

Within a few days we deliver your package to you at the Nakivale Promise Hub Express.

Ten reasons to ship with Promise Hub Express

1 Best rates for speedy delivery — When it comes to express delivery, we offer the best rates in the industry. We’re able to achieve this through MyMalls' long-term partnership with one of the world’s best transport companies, DHL.

2 Cost transparency — Our costs are easy-to-understand, and can be estimated in advance with our online calculator. With Promise Hub Express you'll never be surprised with hidden or complex fees!

3 Doorstep delivery — No more trips to the customs office. No more waiting in lines. We deliver your purchases right to the Nakivale Promise Hub Express.

4 Super fast delivery — Did we mention that Promise Hub Express is fast? By partnering with MyMalls, we ship your goods from the MyMalls warehouse in the U.S. to Nakivale within just a few days.

5 3-in-1 consolidation saves even more — We allow you to consolidate up to three packages in one for no extra charge, resulting in savings of lots of $$$ per consolidated package!

6 60 days of free storage — What about storage costs while waiting for additional packages to arrive for consolidation? No worries—storage is free for up to 60 days!

7 Easy online tracking — With our online tracking and email notifications, you'll be kept up-to-date on every step of the process, beginning with the arrival of your packages in our U.S. warehouse and ending with delivery to you.

8 Manage your deliveries from your phone — Our mobile-optimized platform let’s you manage your orders anytime and from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet.

9 Service with a smile — Although shipping is our business, customer happiness is our mission. Here at Promise Hub Express we’re committed to going the extra mile to make the experience of using our service the best part of shopping in the U.S.! (Ok, maybe the second best part! :-)

10 Dedicated to opportunities worldwide — Through our partnership with the MyMalls logistic platform, we can open up and support global aspirations and opportunities for the Nakivale Promise Hub community.

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