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Independent research by Re-Quest concludes that MyMalls is faster, has better costumer service and is cheaper than Aeropost when consolidating your packages. So what keeps you from switching to MyMalls? Create your free account today and start having a pleasant online U.S. shopping experience!

Mystery Shopping Research

Re-Quest compared the delivery costs, delivery time and customer service of MyMalls, Aeropost and several other shipping companies. They asked a mystery shopper to order home-delivery of the same package twice with each delivery service. One time with the aim to get it delivered as cheap as possible, one time to get it delivered as fast as possible. In this overview you see the results when consolidating. Would you like to read the entire report? Simply click the button below!

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24-48 hour doorstep delivery

Get your packages delivered right to your home or business

Free 3-in-1 consolidation

Combine multiple packages into one shipment to save costs

Free storage for 60 days

We'll keep your packages safe for up to 60 days without extra costs

MyMalls - How do we do it?

To give you access to the best shops and brands in the US, we partnered exclusively with DHL to guarantee the fastest and most reliable experience. That's exactly what our Customers appreciate about our service!

"Perfect service and ideal for shopping in the USA. Always on schedule and very helpful staff if you have questions. The website is very user friendly. Definitely one to recommend!"
Donardo Vrolijk
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